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1# what is ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less calling service ?

ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less is a premium quality enhanced prepaid Pin less calling service for making exclusively international calls. Unlike calling cards ARIA CALLING CARD painless users do not have to dial 10 or 12 digit PINs every time they try to make a call. The caller just has to dial the access number followed by destination telephone number. It is that simple. There are other conveniences that come standard with ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less service, which is explained below.

2# How ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less service differs from ordinary calling card service ?

ARIA CALLING CARD painless calling service is by definition NOT a 'calling card' service. There is no PIN to enter. The advantages of Painless calling service are many compared to ordinary calling card service. Some of the important ones are mentioned below, No need to enter PIN every time a caller attempts to make a call. Unlike calling card service ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less calling service requires customers to maintain account with ARIA CALLING CARD. This helps ensure total transparency of billing and charges, accountability of ARIA CALLING CARD towards its valued customers. Customers can monitor their call, recharge, and reward logs online. Balance of ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less calling accounts NEVER expires; there is no connection fees or hidden cost. ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less service only provides international calling service and domestic service.

3# Is ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less calling service a pre-paid service ?

Yes, ARIA CALLING CARD pinless calling service is a pre-paid calling service. The users have to refill their account balance when depleted to continue making calls.

4# Can I make domestic calls using ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less calling service ?

YES, you can make call in domestic and international and aria offer home and business phone .

5# Is there a need to change my current telecom service provider ?

No, ARIA CALLING CARD pin less service can be used from any land or cell phones and there is absolutely no need to change local telecom service carrier. Using ARIA CALLING CARD PIN LESS calling service requires dialing around your high cost incumbent international carrier. Dialing ARIA CALLING CARD access number followed by your destination number does this.

6# Can I use ARIA CALLING CARD pinless calling service from outside the U.S.A. ?

ARIA CALLING CARD pinless international calling service is available for customers in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK and 40 other country .you can check the all our available country in access number page .

7# Is there a need to open an account to use ARIA CALLING CARD pin less calling service ?

Yes, a customer has to open an account to use the ARIA CALLING CARD pin less calling service.

8# Are there any end user contracts to use ARIA CALLING CARD pin less service ?

No, there are no contract, no term-liability, or credit checks. Customers have to agree to certain terms and condition before opening account.

9# How to open an account with ARIA CALLING CARD pin less calling service ?

There are three convenient ways to open ARIA CALLING CARD pin less calling service account. These are: Open account online: Visit WWW.ARIACALLINGCARD.COM click to signup and next 24 hours our live agent call you and setup your account .Open account by calling customer service: Call aria calling card customer service at (818)495-495-2 Email to cs@ariamarketinggroup.com and received after 24 your account activation form email .

10# when I can start using my ARIA CALLING CARD pin less account ?

Your ARIA CALLING CARD pin less account will be activated within 24 hours. For immediate activation please call ARIA CALLING CARD customer service at +1 (818) 200_1339

You can start using your account immediately after activation. On opening account you will receive an email notifying your account information and user instructions.

11# How to Recharge ARIA CALLING CARD pin less calling account ?

Recharging ARIA CALLING CARD Pin less calling service account is simple and can be done as follows:

Recharge online by credit cardThis is the most convenient way of recharging. Just visit www.ARIACALLINGCARD.COM , log on to your account, click the 'Recharge' tab and follow the simple set of instructions there in.

Recharge by calling customer service: Call SALES +1 (818) 495-495-2 and request for recharging your account. You will require a valid credit card to make payment.

Cards accepted by ARIA CALLING CARD pin less: Master Card, Visa Card, Discover Card.

12# how do I protect my credit card information ?

The highest-level industry-standard SSL encryption protects your card information submitted on our web site. All web forms and the ARIA CALLING CARD systems use 128 SSL encryption to protect your data like credit card numbers, customer information and password. ARIA CALLING CARD DO NOT save your credit card information. Card Company’s payment processing system just passes all information to bank over SSL secured virtual terminal.

13# is there any monthly charge or minimum usage fee ?

No. There is no minimum usage level, no monthly charge. You only pay for the calls you make.

14# what are Registered Numbers ?

Registered Numbers are your designated telephone numbers (land and/or cell phones) using which you want to use ARIA CALLING CARD service. At least one and maximum six telephone numbers may be registered as your 'Registered Numbers'.

15# what is Account Phone Number ?

Account Phone Number is your telephone number that is registered at the time of opening your account. You cannot change your 'Account Phone Number' once registered. We recommend that you choose such a telephone number that you use most and is not likely to change. It could be your cell phone or landline.

16# How many Registered Numbers may be registered by an account ?

Maximum 15 Registered Numbers may be registered by an account.

17# Can I change my Registered Number ?

You can change all Registered Numbers LESS the first one that you designated as 'Account Phone Number'.

18# How ARIA CALLING CARD pin less service works ?

The account holder dials an access number and when prompted dials the destination number, it is that simple. If account pre-paid balance has nearly depleted, the system will prompt for recharging the account.

19# How to inquire about your current account balance ?

Each time you call an access number, you will be told the balance in your account. Log on to your ARIA CALLING CARD account online and see current account balance.

20# what is SPEED dial ?

A speed dial number is a numeric number to which a destination telephone number is pre-set by a caller. This allows the caller to avoid dialing the full destination number. The caller has to dial aARIA CALLING CARD access number followed by the speed dial number to call that destination number.

21# is there any hidden cost ?

There is absolutely no hidden cost of any sort. Your ARIA CALLING CARD account balance will never expire, there are no connection fees, and monthly or any periodic account maintenance fees.

22# Can I see my call log ?

Yes, the account holder can see and monitor his/her call log for the past three months. This feature is available online 24/7.

23# How can I know if my account has been recharged ?

By inquiring about current balance following a recharge. Also you will get an email notification for successful recharge.

24# Can I use different language for different Registered Number ?

Yes, you may chose IVR language for each Registered Numbers separately.

25# Can I change my HOT number settings ?

Yes, the account holder may change the hot numbers any time by Loging on to account on line or by calling ARIA CALLING CARD customer service.

26# Does taxes and fees apply to the calls made through ARIA CALLING CARD pin less service ?

No, ARIA CALLING CARD does not collect taxes and surcharges. It settles taxes from the overall revenue.

27# Is there extra charge for using toll free access ?

Yes an extra toll free charge of 3 cent per minute is applied on all calls accessed through toll free numbers.

28# Do you have customer service center ?

Yes, we have customer care center. You may communicate with customer care by either email to CS@ARIAMAREKTINGGROUP.COMand by calling +1 (818)200-1339

29# How to avoid 1-minute calls ?

When you dial a number you will hear a 'Beep' sound after the call has been established or appears to have been established. The beep sound indicates that the billing has started. However if you cannot talk then hang up within 10 seconds of hearing the 'beep' sound to avoid being charged for 1-minute call. Simply press *0 (star then zero) to redial the number within 10 seconds following the beep. Not only this will avoid 1-minute call being logged but also at the same time your intended number will be redialed automatically.

30# I cannot get access to the system even if I dialed the correct access number ?

This happens when caller ID of your telephone is 'blocked'. If your caller ID is blocked there is no way ARIA CALLING CARD system can identify your telephone as a registered number of a current account holder. In such cases please unblock your caller ID and dial your access number again.

31# Can I make calls with blocked caller ID ?

No, you cannot call with the caller ID of your phone blocked. See also answer to .

32# what is 'Refer a Friend Reward' program ?

Refer a Friend Reward: Every ARIA CALLING CARD customer is assigned a promo code that appears near the bottom right hand side of your ARIA CALLING CARD account home page. Refer some one you know to open ARIA CALLING CARD pin less calling service account. Ask him/her to enter your promotion code XXXXXX when opening their account by visiting WWW.ARIACALLINGCARD.COMWhen your referee opens his/her account, ARIA CALLING CARD will credit your account as follows: a. Instant Reward: FROM $2.00 TO $20 for every new account added to your account as THANK YOU.

33# Can I Dial 911 USEING ARIA CALLING CARD service ?

ARIA CALLING CARD pin less is an international calling service provider and is NOT a local telephone service provider. More so ARIA CALLING CARD does not provide domestic calling service. So you cannot dial 911 using ARIA CALLING CARD service. Otherwise also it does not make sense to dial aARIA CALLING CARD access number and then dial 911. One will always directly dial emergency number, not through ARIA CALLING CARD.

34# Will my local telephone service provider charge me long distance service for calls made to a ARIA CALLING CARD access number ?

It depends on the subscribed rate plan between you and your local telephone service provider and nothing to do with ARIA CALLING CARD. ARIA CALLING CARD pin less service starts from the ARIA CALLING CARDaccess point you dial in. ARIA CALLING CARDprovides access numbers to many cities within each country to facilitate our customers to access ARIA CALLING CARDsystem. ARIA CALLING CARDcustomers are free to use any of these access numbers irrespective of their locations. You may clarify with your local telephone service provider if there is any long distance charge associated with calling a particular access number. ARIA CALLING CARDcannot determine that.

35# what is 'Auto Recharge' ?

The auto-recharge option allows aARIA CALLING CARD pin less customer to set his/her account to auto recharge for a customer specified $ amount when the account balance drops to a customer specified $ amount. It offers a convenient way to make sure you always have a minimum balance in your ARIA CALLING CARD pin less account. So gone are the days of time consuming repeated manual recharge for customers who set up their account for auto recharge.

36# is auto recharge an optional feature? Is it free ?

Yes, the auto recharge is an optional feature, and it is free. Customers have the option to sign on for this optional and free convenient service.

37# Will I be notified of auto recharge activities in my account ?

Yes, every auto recharge will be notified to you by auto-generated email instantly when it is executed. The email will be sent to your email address on our records and contain information on the amount, the authorization code and the time of recharge.

38# I am not receiving or missing ARIA CALLING CARDemails, why it happens and how to solve the problem ?

Some email hosts like Yahoo, Gmail by default tend to identify auto-generated emails as spam and dump those into Junk or Bulk folders of your email. In case of missing ARAM CALLING CARD emails please look into your email's 'Junk' or 'Trash' folder. If you have installed Anti-Spam filters or software on your email service, please ensure that a legitimate email from SUPPORT@ARIAMARKETINGGROUP.COM is not falsely identified as spam or junk.

39# Can I request to close one of my ARIA CALLING CARD accounts and get the balance transferred to my other ARIA CALLING CARDaccount ?

Yes you can but has to be done manually by ARIA CALLING CARDadmin. There is an administrative charge of $4 for this service.

40# How to get my account Phone number changed ?

You will need to contactARIA CALLING CARDcustomer care to have your account telephone number changed. Request for change of account phone number can only be made after at least 30 days have passed since openingARIA CALLING CARD account. The only exception is in case the need for change of account phone number originated from inserting incorrect telephone number during opening ARIA CALLING CARD account.

41# Will my ARIA CALLING CARD account get locked due to repeated log on attempts ?

Yes, it will. In such situation please call 24/7ARIA CALLING CARDCustomer Care Center.

42# How can I obtain call log of my ARIA CALLING CARD account ?

You may download call log for immediate past 60 days instantly by Loging on to your ARIA CALLING CARD account, click 'Call Record' tab, click appropriate month tab and then click 'Download PDF Call Log'. For call log of immediate past 12 months and maximum 24 months will involve a service charge of $25 and $40 respectively and you will need to contact ARIA CALLING CARD customer support at CS@ARIAMARKETINGGORUP.COM or call +1(818)200-1339 .