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ARIACALLINGCARD .com is a leading telecommunications company UNDER THE ARIAMARKETINGGROUP, INC COMPANY. This means that we do not just resell products; instead we develop our own telephone cards. Since they are no mediators, we can offer you top quality and the best price.

Our company incorporates the most efficient and advanced technologies regarding long distance calls and HOME AND BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM, which allow us to offer low rates and excellent connection quality worldwide.

We provide a wide range of products such as Prepaid Calling Cards, Painless and Rechargeable Cards, PC to Phone Service and VOIP PHONE.

  • More than 800.000.000 minutes sold.
  • Over 100.000 Active Members in 40 countries.*
  • +90.000 Transactions per month by using PayPal, credit & debit cards, among other payment methods.
  • More than 10 products available ARIA CALLING CARD STARTING THE BUINESS IN MARCH 2010, and in its short history has evolved from a small startup to a truly global corporation. We are committed to providing the most reliable communication services, excellent rates to and from every country, and the best customer satisfaction in the industry. We have 24 hours tech support online and our office working hours is 7 am to 7 pm pacific time. ARIA CALLING CARD OFFICE ADDRESS IS 22543 VENTURA BLVD #228, WOODLAND HILLS, CA, 91364.

Looking for home our business phone system

Unlimited call USA, Canada, Europe

UnlimitedĀ¹ Calling to the U.S., Canada and over 40 other countries.

Free calling to other Aria home phone service customers.

Keep your current number or get a new one, no charge either way.

Free shipping of your Aria Box.

Free activation.

Save money save time.

More & Info Starting from $7.99